27 October 2009

Bok choy with garlic

Serves 3

1 bunch bok choy, seperated and chopped into 1/2" pieces - keep the stems and leaves seperate
2 cloves of garlic, chopped
2-3 tsps fish sauce or tamari soy sauce
1 tbsp water or broth
Freshly ground pepper

Heat a couple tsps of oil and add garlic. When the garlic turns slightly brown, add boy choy stems. After 2 mins add bok choy leaves and cook until slightly wilted. Add fish sauce, water and pepper. Cover and cook for another 2 mins until the stems are cooked through yet a bt crunchy. Adjest for salt, if necessary.


Em said...
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Em said...

I love bok choy - easy and quick veggie to cook. instead of chopping up the bok choy though -- I enjoy the Baby Bok Choys as whole along with some sliced round-eye steak! A great dipping sauce for the meat is fish sauce with crushed red peppers.