07 August 2009

1 - Uncommon Ground

Uncommon ground grow their own veggies and herbs. They have huge veggie patch on the roof and 2 smaller ones at the entrance of the restaurant.

Armed with our deck of cards V and I went to Uncommon Ground on Devon St. This was after my Sunday morning run, so I was ready for a big brunch. Started off with sweet potato fries - polished it off completely. V had to wrestle the last fry out of my grip.

I had high hopes for my Uncommon heuvos only to be very disappointed to say the least. The flavors were uninspiring and the ancho-chilli sauce lacked the punch I was looking for.

Drinks and dessert were the saving grace. Delicious - I had the Melon water with elderflower liquor and V had a Mojito with crushed blood orange. It was refreshing and an absolute treat on a hot afternoon. We finished the meal with warm berry pie and Vanilla gelato. It had the impact the rest of the meal sorely lacked.
Go for dessert and drinks. They have great hot chocolate and live music too.

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