16 August 2009

2 - Cafe Matou

I have read good reviews and the food was dressed to impress but failed to deliver flavor. French cuisine is originally quite rich with ladles of butter and cream added for good measure. And in my mind its about striking the right balance between the rich creaminess and the more earthy flavors of the ingredients.

I had escargot with cherry tomatoes and herbs (I forget the exact ingredients and they don't have it on their menu online). It was topped with cups of melted butter. Vs veal medallion came out tougher than he liked with a mediocrely flavorful tarragon sauce. Dessert was the saving grace of the meal - it was peach cake with custard done to perfection.

This restaurant wouldn't come to mind if I think of places to recommend in the neighborhood. But again, it might have been a bad day and perhaps it deserves another chance.

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